【 Touhou Sky Arena for Nintendo Switch 】

Currently, we are informed about two major issues on the Nintendo Switch.

1. Troubles with the new Yukari update.

2. Troubles connecting to Online Play.

We are sorry for the issues with Touhou Sky Arena -Matsuri- Climax on the Nintendo Switch. We apologize for all the troubles we have caused you.

We are currently doing our best to solve the problems and will release a new update in May.

Sorry to keep you waiting. 

Thank you for all the messages and support.

【 Details – Troubles with the new Yukari update 】

User are getting error messages and are sent back to the Home Menu,
when playing Touhou Sky Arena for Nintendo Switch.

This issue is caused by the newest Yukari update.

We apologize for the trouble we have caused. 

Our programmers apparently have solved this issue, so please wait for the next update.

Please don`t hesitate to contact us, if you have any other problems.

【 Details – Troubles connecting to Online Play 】

Due to network NAT types, that are not supported by Touhou Sky Arena,
connecting to Online Play might fail.
We apologize for the problems you have connecting to Online Play.
We are trying to fix this with the coming update.
It will be available this May.

Currently, the games Online Play mostly only works for the network NAT type A or B.

When you use several router at home your NAT type might be type C, D or F.
Touhou Sky Arena can`t connect in this network environment in the moment. 

You can perform a connection test on your Switch to check your NAT type.
(System Settings→Internet→Test Connection)

If you want to improve your network NAT type, there is a Nintendo Support page that can help. If you also have connection problems in other games,
following these steps and improving the NAT type might be helpful.