Touhou Sky Arena Matsuri Climax

Touhou girls fight dramatic battles in the sky! A 3D fired-up battle action game based on Touhou Project! Features the “Fired-up Battle System”, in which character abilities change to the playing song. Also an online play up to 4 players is available. Over 80 songs were recorded by Japanese artists for the battles. Control with music and bombardments the whole sky of Gensokyo!

released only in Japan

Magical Battle Arena NEXT

Gensokyo`s sky is the stage! Barrages and friendship synchronized in one battle! A high speed battle with various action. Win using the “Synchro Action Battle System”, where you`ll have a high speed sky battle with your partner. Also listen to the awesome tracks in the battles!

Touhou Sky Arena Matsuri

Physical edition “Touhou Sky Arena MATSURI” with all 18 characters x 2 types of spells. Enjoy 41 battle tracks made by famous Japanese doujin artists.

Touhou Sky Arena Kurenai

Fly gorgeously and enjoy high-speed battle action in the sky of Gensokyo. With the “Fired-up Battle System” your character’s ability change to the playing song. Customize your favorite song as you like to use it in your battles! Combined with the HAYATE version, which is separately released, all 18 characters can be played!

Touhou Sky Arena
Touhou Sky Arena

“The song that makes her stronger.”
3D high-spirited spell battle action in the sky.
Grasp the victory by using the “Fired-up Battle System”!

Touhou Sky Fight
Touhou Sky Fight

“Friendship…there once was such a thing”
A flying Touhou action game where friendships collapse. Kick, push and use spell cards on enemies to ban them from the screen!

Magical Battle Arena Complete Form

A 3D high speed magical battle action game up to 4 players. Various magical girls such as “Lyrical Nanoha” and “CC Sakura” gather in addition to the originals. Story mode, battle mode, training mode, and network mode are installed. All 12 characters with 7 stages. You can add 5 characters, 2 stages by free download.