• Touhou Sky Arena DLC
    3 Additional Playable Character

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@KirbyTales Hey, thank you @KirbyTales.
Yes I asked about it, but I didn’t get an answer yet.
Probably because we had long-term holidays here in Japan until yesterday, but I`ll check on it and let you know😉

@Haruka_Kyoubate Thank you ❤️
The game is very simple yet, but as we make progress there will be updates on the demo.
Just use the same code 😉

Today we‘re at Comic Market 96! If you‘re here, come and visit our booth south hall ナ-45a✨ https://t.co/0Y4LrgsrgG areazero_games photo

Thank you so much for working with us on Valkyrie of Phantasm✨❤️
This is Reimu Hakurei by @Reita2019 for our demo at Comic Market 96. https://t.co/O2cbO0Ysof
areazero_games photo
れいた @Reita2019
C96 4日目 南ナ45a「領域ZERO」様
https://t.co/uSFAaDD1xr https://t.co/Xj1z6sJTWg

@KirbyTales Yes. I hope so, too😳
Touhou Sky Arena was our first game to release overseas. We did learn a lot and hope we can do better for coming games. Thank you for your help @KirbyTales!

@KirbyTales Got it! Thought this wouldn’t happen again this time.
Sorry, I should have been more careful. Thank you a lot for letting me now👍


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