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We`ve made progress on Valkyrie of Phantasm and there will be a playtest at Comiket 96 on August 12th, 2019! Looking forward to it ✨ https://t.co/lbm1DmiuOR
ずっき@領域ZERO/夏コミ4日目南ナ45a @zukky_areazero


2019年8月12日、コミケ4日目 南ナ45a「領域ZERO」で

https://t.co/DlCCXwt47t https://t.co/33soji6FaP

Valkyrie of Phantasm in developement

[Development Progress]
・Shooting battle against CPU Reimu
・Adapted to controller
・Rapid fire of Reimus Charm added
・Boost Rise added https://t.co/T4lyBF5vL7

霊夢がびゅんびゅん。今までやりたかった動きに近いものが出来てる気がする https://t.co/p9oIe5CDau


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